The Riley's Cup held the 2023 registration event, but wasn’t able to hold the fishing tournament due to low water levels. The event drew 117 teams (225 middle and high school anglers) for a two-day competition.

We challenge students to build greater character, stronger minds, and bigger faith through fishing and the outdoors.
Understand eachothers' needs and lend a helpful hand. Give dedication to community.
Enjoy the day and those you are sharing it with. See the potential in every situation.

2023 Riley's Cup recap

registration event

Elevation Church - Lake Norman

The goal of the Riley's Cup event is to invest in student anglers, by creating a fun, safe, place for them to build friendships, learn about life with Jesus, and the sport of fishing from some of the top anglers in the profession.
117 teams, comprising 225 anglers, set a new record for participation in the registration event. The highlight of the evening was having 200 tackle boxes meticulously assembled by local law enforcement and given out to the anglers. A gesture made possible thanks to the generous contributions of tackle from our sponsors.

This event not only marked a competitive milestone but also underscored the spirit of our community and the joy of fishing. Among many speakers, Ronnie Moore, former BassMaster Live host, took the stage and shared his testimony and vision for young fishermen and fisherwomen in our community. Unfortunately, the Riley's Cup competition was cancelled due to extremely low water levels, however we are extremely grateful to have gathered at Elevation Church for a night of connection, friendship, and life with Jesus.
Tournament anglers were given a total of 200 tackle boxes filled with gear and assembled by local law enforcement.
117 teams bass fishing teams, comprising 225 anglers, set a record for the event for participation.
Students gathered to listen to testimony, tips, and tricks from BassMaster Live co-host Ronnie Moore.




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