The Riley’s Cup is an annual fishing tournament that brings together middle school, high school, and collegiate anglers for a two-day event centered around our 4 pillars: Fun, Friendship, Faith, and Fishing.

Riley's Catch team holding fish
We challenge students to build greater character, stronger minds, and bigger faith through fishing and the outdoors.
Understand eachothers' needs and lend a helpful hand. Give dedication to community.
Enjoy the day and those you are sharing it with. See the potential in every situation.


High School fishing teams
college teams
The Riley's Cup brings together local student anglers of North Carolina and South Carolina to connect and compete in one of the largest tournaments of the year.

In 2022, the Riley’s Cup showcased 100 high school bass fishing teams from the North Carolina and South Carolina regions.

Each boat is filled with two student anglers competing as a team with one boat captain, often a friend, mentor, or college student.

2022 Riley's Cup recap

registration event

Elevation Church - Lake Norman

The goal of this two-day event is to invest in student anglers, by creating a fun, safe, place for them to build friendships, learn about life with Jesus, and the sport of fishing from some of the top anglers in the profession.
100 high school and 35 college bass fishing teams gathered together on Friday night to get tournament details, learn about Riley’s Catch, and walk away with some top fishing gear items in hand.

This year we had professional anglers take the stage to speak into student’s lives through their own testimony while sharing their best tips and tricks for tournament fishing before the big launch the next morning.
Tournament anglers were given a total of 180 tackle boxes filled with gear provided by Plano and Berkley.
Our only request was to gift it to someone who wanted to learn how to fish.
Students gathered to listen to testimony, tips, and tricks from professional bass fishermen.

special guests


Back-to-Back Bassmaster Classic Champion

Casey crawford

CEO, Movement Mortgage

Ronnie moore

Bassmaster Live Co-Host

riley's cup

Blythe Landing - Lake Norman

Bass fishing teams from North and South Carolina competed on Lake Norman for a chance to win the 8th annual Riley's Cup. As the day progressed, teams watched the Live Leaderboard closely and competed in a fun environment.
100 high school bass fishing teams competed on Saturday and 35 collegiate teams on Sunday at Lake Norman. To start the tournament, the anglers turn their attention to the American Flag lifted high above the boat ramp by the Huntersville fire department for the national anthem. Then after a strong word of prayer, the anglers took off one by one to begin their tournament.

There are two anglers in each boat along with an adult to captain them. The goal is for the two students to work together as a team to catch the biggest five fish limit of the day. Throughout the tournament, teams entered in their fish weights in our custom Fish Tracker app and kept up with all the action on the Live Leaderboard.
After the Nation Anthem the 100 high school bass fishing teams competed for 8 hours out on the water.
The anglers competed throughout the day and kept track of results on the Live Leaderboard.
Students ended the day at the weigh-in collecting awards and prizes.




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